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STF Productions produces a range of TV shows, movies and broadcast news items. We have strategic partnerships with a number of international film and TV companies.


Production Management:

We work with non-Israeli and Israeli companies to help them produce feature films, documentaries, TV shows and filmed news content.

Production Agents/Fixers in Israel:

Helping overseas producers coming to Israel to manage their productions.


We produce our own

projects; covering TV shows, movies and features for

major broadcast news outlets

Promoting Israel As A Location For Filming: 

We are working with the Israeli film industry and relevant authorities to

position Israel as a location

of choice for global


Showreels - Video & Stills:

As an actor/actress it is always important to have a professional showreel and cards. We specialise in offering you your own showcase for your management and casting directors.

Crowd funding videos: 

One major key to crowdfunding success is by creating a good video that sells your campaign to potential donors. In fact including a video will up your chances of success to 50 percent, according to Kickstarter.  

Production Agents



STF Productions has extensive experience of working in Israel, and has a strong network of contractors, facilities companies and local crew. We can work with overseas producers coming to Israel to ensure that:


You secure the right location, and that it’s dressed and ready for you to film when the time comes

You have the right production crew, which will help you capture exactly what you want

Everyone works to the right standard, in the right way, so that the experience of filming is pleasant, smooth and trouble-free.

STF Productions incorporating

Imperial Cars offers first class drivers and transport for all your production needs.

On set Video & Stills

STF Productions has a proven track-record of working alongside cast and crew during filming in order to get the best footage for "Behind the Scenes" shorts and promotional films.

Such footage has proven to be very successful with TV networks which load it online to promote their shows, to give more information for viewers, and for inclusion as extra features on production DVDs.

We have a long history of producing such Electronic Press Kits, including interviews with cast and crew, and are skilled at making such films without interfering with the busy daily schedule of a production.

STF with Focus Frame Productions offer Unit Stills & Video for Film & TV with top stills photographer and fellow Cioj member Harry Constantine both in the UK and Israel.


News & Events

We have our own freelance camera crew specialising in news gathering and events.


As International Press card

holders and members of The Chartered Institute Of Journalists we are highly regarded with both local and international news broadcasters.

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