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                   O'Keafe is a hard-hitting police drama set in Ireland, Israel and Cyprus



Ireland or as it is known as the Emerald Isle due to its green hills and valleys also has one of the most famous capitals in the world Dublin. Touring around Dublin, you see the most amazing Georgian architecture, beautiful museums, striking beaches, the port and not forgetting the pubs and Irish hospitality.

Away from the eyes of the tourists, we find different Irish gangs where crime is one of the highest in Europe and recently alongside these gangs we find a group of Russian mafia using their local Russian shops as a front for drugs and human trafficking. Some of the Russian mafia work with Irish gangs moving to places such as southern Spain. Because of the increasing police raids in places such as Marbella, the gangs are looking for new Cities to move in to.



Located on the Northern Mediterranean coast of Israel, the prosperous metropolitan city of Haifa, home to some 600,000 residents, is one of Israel’s most important seaports and hosts some of the most hi-tech global companies. It is ethnically diverse, a place where Jews, Christians, Muslims and others live together peacefully.

Recent years have seen a quarter of Haifa’s population grow from immigrants of the former Soviet Union and, despite the security service’s best efforts, a significant number of Russian criminals have found their way to the city. Needing money to support their luxurious lifestyles, Russian cartels have brought with them an increase in crime, in particular the drug trade, prostitution and human trafficking.  And they are not alone, for they co-exist alongside criminal families of Maghrebi Jews from North Africa. A delicate truce exists between them - but for how long. Special Unit Haifa Alef  חיפה א has been assembled to crackdown on these criminal operations.

Over the past view years tension has grown between the two countries regarding the Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the rise of the BDS movement. With the Irish government threatening to close down Irish companies in Israel and Israel warning to close the Irish Embassy in Tel Aviv, both countries still have strong but tightrope relations with each other.


Larnaca is the main port in southern Cyprus with close ties with its Haifa counterpart. Southern Cyprus has always had a special bond with Israel. During and immediately after World War II Cyprus became a transit point for Jewish Holocaust survivors trying to reach Mandate Palestine Cyprus was then a British Crown Colony. Today relations between Cyprus and Israel are strong with their collaboration on military as well as cultural and political matters. Larnaca is also one of the main areas where Russian mafia are moving into. And as a EU country Cyprus is a easy route for all types of trafficking into Western Europe.

Roslyn O'Keafe

Detective Chief Inspector Roslyn O’Keafe has hit both 40 and a career brick wall. Following her father’s footsteps she joined the Garda (Irish Police) and being based in Dublin, she rose quickly through the ranks of the police force but was always better at policing than politics. After she unfairly took the rap for a bungled investigation, she has found future chances for promotion blocked. Although respected as an officer, her confrontational attitude towards her superiors has left her increasingly isolated in the force.

Despite her senior rank, she infuriates the Detectives in her team by frequently accompanying them on cases. They feel, perhaps rightly, that she rose too quickly and should never have moved beyond Detective Inspector. O'Keafe likes to get her hands dirty, something that all too often irritates her colleagues who would rather she stayed behind her desk. However, no one can deny she knows what she is doing.

When asked to investigate a case involving Ireland, Israel and Cyprus she soon realises the hunters soon become the hunted.




Documentary showing how the Ethiopian Jews came to Israel facing many barriers and acceptance and how they have adapted to Israeli life.

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